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About Astroiser

Our Astroiser Consulting is concerned about our client’s life problems. We know life is very challenging and it’s difficult to deal with these problems. That is the reason, we provide customized consultations to tackle a broad spectrum of challenges. People nowadays face such issues as family problems, disturbing love life, setbacks in business, mental health issues such as depression and stress, and beyond. Our professional and expert astrologers help you to get out of these problems. Their expert advice and helpful remedies help you to deal with these problems and you can get relief in every aspect of your life. So, why are you waiting? Contact us today and see the magic of astrology.

Family Problems

Family problems involve diverse challenges: communication breakdowns, financial strain, and complex dynamics, demanding empathy and resolution efforts.

Love Problems

Love problems entail relationship challenges: misunderstandings, trust issues, or emotional distance, necessitating communication and mutual understanding.

Business Problems

Business problems encompass issues like financial setbacks, operational hurdles, and strategic dilemmas, demanding adaptive solutions for sustainable success.

Mental Problems

Mental problems include various conditions affecting emotional well-being, such as anxiety or depression, requiring compassion and professional support.


Depression: a profound mood disorder causing persistent sadness and loss of interest, often requiring therapy, medication, and support for recovery.

Stress Problems

Stress problems involve overwhelming pressures impacting mental and physical well-being, necessitating coping strategies and self-care practices for relief.

Our Expert Astrologer

Once you reach out to us, your problems will be our concern. Without wasting your time just connect to our expert team, they are ready to help you out. Their support and beneficial solutions will help you to get a peaceful life.

Acharya Dr. Rakeshkumar

Over 20 years of experience
Time: Available Now


Gauravshi Pandit

Gauravshi Pandit

Experience: 22 Years
Time : 4:00pm to 8:00pm


Bhavikbhai Jani

Experience: 11 Years
Time : 6:00pm to 9:00pm


Ashishbhai Pandya

Experience: 11 Years
Time : 6:00pm to 9:00pm


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Get Lost Love Back

Are you feeling depressed about your breakup? Do you want to get your lost love back into your life? Get in touch quickly with us. Our professional astrologer will help you to get back your loving partner with powerful remedies and personalized advice.

Love Problems

If your love life is not okay then definitely you will feel disturbed. Daily arguing with your partner gets you more frustrated. Then no worries, our expert astrologers are here to sort out your love Problems. Their valuable advice and helpful solutions will make your love bond stronger.

Marriage Problems

Marrying your boyfriend is truly a dream come true. But, if both of the families don't accept your relationship because of caste issues, then do one thing. Just reach out to us today. Our professional astrologers will deeply analyse your problems and provide the best remedies according to them.

Husband Wife Problems

Are you going through a disturbing married life? If you want more attention and love from your husband or wife, then astrology is the best solution for you. Our astrologers have handled the clients for years. They know the best solution to each client's problems. So, if you want a peaceful married life then contact us today.

Family Problem

Living with family is such a big happiness in life. But, not everyone is lucky. If you're going through this phase where everyone is fighting with each other in your family then without wasting your time just contact us today. Our astrologers are the masterminds to solve such family issues. They analyse the planet's position and suggest remedies according to it.

Business Problems

Facing loss in business makes us frustrated and depressed. If you're facing such types of problems then, don't hesitate. We are here to help you out of such matters. Our expert astrologer's solutions help to get it back on the right track.

Intercaste Marriage Problem

Loving a person who belongs to a different caste it's not a big deal. But, when the family does not accept this relationship, it makes you worried. This time, everything is possible with the help of our astrologers. Just you've to contact us. Once you reach out to us that means this person is yours and also the family will accept your relationship happily. Our astrologers' powerful remedies make everything possible.

Job Problem

Are you struggling to find a good job? After the interview, if you get rejected, then talk to our astrologers today and get to know about your next successful interview. Their valuable advice and helpful remedies will help you to get a better job.

Career Problem

Career problems and challenges happen to everyone at some point. Which makes us frustrated and depressed. But, now this problem is not big. Just reach out to us and see the magic. Our astrologers provide a magical solution that makes your career better and also gives you a stress-free life.

Hear From Our Clients

Our clients are very happy and satisfied with our services. Let's take a quick look at what they told about us loves problem solutions that are beneficial for me. All the astrologers are helpful. Their valuable advice and powerful remedies just changed my love life. I’m really glad about their service. I highly recommend their services to those who are going through these love problems.

Nilesh Sheth

Delhi is a game-changer for me. With the help of their remedies, my family issues are resolved now. I’m delighted with their service. After taking their remedies I’m happily living with my family.

Vinod Kapoor


When I went through the business losses, my friend suggested that he got help from astrology. To be honest, I didn’t believe in astrology. But, once I contacted them, their astrological solutions changed my life. My business is now going on a high track. Truly satisfied with their work and now I can say yes, astrology is just magical. I highly recommend their services.

Vishal Patel


Why Choose Us?

There are so many astrological services available in today’s world. But, we are different from others. Because our clients are like our family. Once they reach out to us, at this point their problems will be our concern. First, we analyze their problems and deeply check their birth chart and planet position. After that, we suggest remedies accordingly. Just trust us and see the magic.

  • Professional Guidance: Our expert team is very experienced, so they provide unique solutions to get out of the situation.
  • Enabling Arrangements: Find significant bits of knowledge to beat snags and pursue informed choices that line up with your life’s motivation.
  • Privacy: Have confidence, your security is our priority. We keep up with severe classification to make a place of refuge for investigation and development.